H2 Oh!!

I have been dabbling with diets, exercise and must get healthier thoughts for weeks now. No, actually months.  New years resolution hasn’t kicked in.

When I say dabbling, I had Oliver in March 2015.  And I was 40.  At the time I had been very ill and I was not just slim, emaciated.  Size eight shorts falling down and my face just looked drawn.  Pregnancy gave me the glow and made me a healthy weight again.  So where I’m grateful for feeling well and not looking so bedraggled and starved, I’m not happy in myself.  My partner loves me and loves my curves.  I’d just like to firm some of them a little more.  A curvy size 10 and I’m happy and confident.  At the moment I’m a 12.  Summer is here.  I’m missing half my old dresses and feeling clumsy.

So, I’m embarking on slimming world again this week.  I swear by it.  I lost three stone after my first baby and was a consultant for a couple of years.  Loved it all.  I tend to follow it casually at home now.  When I struggle I go back.  I need the group support and image therapy.  But that’s another blog in itself. And I shall tell!

Anyway, googling recipes and health tips I kept seeing articles on water detox.  So intrigued I read more.  For once, no gimmicks, no side effects, no risks and no cost. Really?  But when you think about it water is the most natural thing.  We are made of it.  We can’t live without it.  So concentrating on it as a huge part of our life could only be a benefit.

Well, I tried it.  Initially for a week.  I have to say I feel wonderful.  My skin is soft and tolerates my moisturiser and makeup better.  My hair is shiny and really luscious.  I feel bright and bubbly.  And I know I’m starting to trim down a little.  I just feel better all over.

So how does it work?
Well it isn’t a fast at all.  Continue to eat normally (healthily obviously is best).  As I said I’m going the slimming world route.  But any balanced diet watching fats and sugars will help you.
Then, basically exchange every drink.  And I mean EVERY drink from waking until bed time for water.  No tea, coffee, squash, juice, alcohol.  Nothing  Just pure H2O
And the guide I’ve always read is 2 litres a day.  So I have measured that.  It’s totally sensible.  You may well visit the little girls/boys room a little (or lot) more regularly.  But that’s a good thing.  Toxins are packing their cases and leaving you.

Maybe I’m lucky.  I really like water anyway.  But my reasoning in my own mind was my goodness, a glass of water, is that it?  And you can still eat a roast chicken dinner, beans on toast, a BLT.  Chinese meal.  Spag Bol.  Oh the list is endless.

So, to summarise.  If you want to kick start weight loss and really boost your health from head to toe, water detox is fantastic.  It’s even already plumbed into your own kitchen!


Victoria xx



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