Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

I read an article the other day.  Someone was interviewed – just a local someone.  Amongst the usual interview hierarchy was ‘list your 10 favourite things’

The reply, understandably, was what things, what category?  Food, drink, countries, hamsters?

Oh no.  This was a list of 10 totally random things that you love. Just rattle them off, from the heart, with no particular order and with absolutely no time to think about them.  There list included pies, scatter cushions, a cerulean Sky, horror films and cheese!

I liked that.  Because I like to write and am a bit of a thinker that was a wow…no time to make lists, organise, check, google?  No…rattle them straight off.

Well it got me thinking how different we all are.  How certain things grab our attention, tickle our taste buds, excite us and make us tick.

Many people have a favourite.  Some so passionate that it starts a collection, from tea pots to dead butterflies.  Actually as a youngster mine were frogs.  I had loads of them.

People favour things we love to eat, places we love and yearn to re-visit, adored animals. Favourite colours, special songs, lucky items… Oh the list would never end,

In equal measure there are things that repel us.  Mildly or severely.  Every yin has its yang.  There are things we’re allergic to.  Irrational fears.  And then things we just don’t like the sound, taste, look or smell of.

Places we don’t feel comfortable, people we don’t click with and colours that ‘aren’t me’.  Isn’t it funny?

But you know what that’s a blog for another day and actually I’m definitely a glass ¾ full girl, so today I’m take by the favourites list.

So…to the nitty gritty.  Compiling mine, in no particular order and without any kind of brain storming.  Ten things off the top of my head…

  • 1  My Family
    At home, my partner, children and cat.  Also, Mum, though she’s gone.  Dad and Lin.  In-Laws and my special Auntie and Uncle
  • 2  Fairy Lights
    Think the garden reminded me.  I love fairy lights in the house or garden, at any time of the year.
    What can I say, they’re magical
  • 3  My Cat ‘Smartie’
    Who could definitely also meet family criteria.  I adore her.  At times she’s been my world.
  • 4  Perfumes
    I wear it every day, whether I’m meeting the queen or emptying the bins.
    I don’t have a best anymore, a handful of ‘I loves’.
    What better reason to wear best perfume than ‘because I woke up this morning’
  • 5   Sparkly glittery things
    I am a magpie.  I can’t fly past anything with some glitter and sparkle.  I just want to wear gorgeous spangly things every day.
    I do believe they are cheery too.  I wore a sparkly head band to work yesterday – so many comments.  All happy ones.
  • 6   Purple
    I love the colour, love to wear it, love amethysts.
    I buy purple bits for the house.  I’d love a purple car!  The purplier the better.
  • 7   Cooking & my kitchen
    Love to cook, create new recipes.  Any excuse to potter in my kitchen.
    Best of all, gently at night, with candlelight and music.
  • 8   The garden
    I love the garden and all that it brings.
    Growing my own herbs and flowers is huge contentment.
    And then spending time outdoors, bbqs, chatty evenings and my little one exploring.
  • 9  Autumn
    I don’t know why but the feel, chill and smell make me feel so happy and cosy.  Conkers, blackberries, hot soup and crunching leaves.  Welly boots, misty mornings and snuggly evenings in front of the fire.
  • 10  Celebrating Traditions
    Couldn’t choose, I embrace so many of them.
    I honour them through family, food, wine, love and loads of paraphernalia.  Including fairly lights galore.  Whether Christmas, Easter, Bonfire Night, Halloween or just the cats birthday!

Eeek!  I can’t have reached 10.  I have so many more.  But you know what, the fact that I could go on foreverish means I am truly blessed.  I am happy and lucky too.

There are things I keep thinking of now.  Writing for example.  But I said ‘off the top of my head’ so not cheating.

I am determined to revisit this list.  It’s really caught my interest.  I’d love your feedback and more so I’d love your list.  If by any chance I’ve inspired you please post a list on your blog and link or tag me.

Happy Favourites Friday!

Much Love Victoria xx

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