Hi from me, Victoria…

Hi!  I’m Victoria Lewis.

I am a loving Partner, Mother, Daughter and Friend.  I am crackers about Owls and love love love the colour purple.

I love to cook, love to write and photograph food.  Combining all of these and sharing on here is really fun and exciting.Vicster

I live in a beautiful market town with my lovely man John, little toddler Oliver.  Also proud to be cat mummy to the most wonderful ‘Smartie’.

The other love in my life is the church.  My faith means the world to me.  I adore the serenity of a beautiful church and can’t tell you how many wonderful friends it has bought into my life.

I grew up in a loving family home.  I learned to cook with Mary my Mum.  Pastry so over-worked it was grey and warm when I’d finished.  Then shaped into a bunny with one burnt current eye, before being proudly presented to my dad.

I remember tossing pancakes, all around the room!  Then yep… Dad!

But I also remember successful days.  Cooking a roast dinner by myself with mum over-seeing.  Making a multitude of cakes.  Bakewell tarts and Almond slices.  Butterfly cakes and coconut pyramids.

I make her Christmas Pudding recipe every year.  I decorate my chocolate log with her mini decorations, remember the 70’s churches, holly, snowmen etc

And her stew.  I make it still, all the time.  I remember the smell as I opened the door from school.  The warm feeling it gave me.  My need to recreate it for my loved ones.

Best of all, her suet bacon and onion roll and her bread pudding.  Food heaven.

My greatest food memory of all though was my ‘poorly food’.  Toast, cut into tiny triangles with butter (proper butter back then) and dabs of marmite.

I can’t not mention her sister, my Auntie Liz.  A heart of gold and the most homely kitchen I know.  Liz and I can sit for hours drinking Earl Grey and discussing recipes.  Thankfully she has passed many on to me.

To summarise, Mum left me too soon.  But she left me with a heart full of loving memories.  A brain full of recipes, a love of cooking and traditions that will never die and a huge love of sharing these little golden secrets of the kitchen.

All the tales, memories, recipes and pictures are from my heart,  I dedicate this site to all the special people in my life, in particular to you Mum, for teaching me, to Dad for coping with eating it all!  To Liz for being my teacher, comfort and friend.  To John my partner, for putting up with me, for eating anything I put in front of you, never complaining and always telling everyone ‘Vic is a great cook’.

With my love to you all and thank you to anyone else who stops by and reads my blog 🙂

Victoria xx


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